Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association

On March 22, 2017, the Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association (MAKETUSZ), established for the development of nationwide cycling tourism, was registered with 25 founding members and started its work. Our members are major domestic cycling organizations and regional cycling and tourism development associations. The board members are professionals in the fields of cycling, project management and tourism.

In August 2016, a conference on Lake Tisza tourism brought together a number of experts in cycling and active tourism who expressed the need to set up such an organization. The development of bicycle paths, the implementation of the cycling tourist route network, and tourism trends show that cycling tourism can be an important part of the active tourist offer in Hungary.

What are the goals of MAKETUSZ?

The aim of the Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association is to create an intellectual and professional think tanks that provides professional support for the promotion of the spread of cycling tourism in Hungary, the creation of its culture and the development of its infrastructure and services. The association promotes cultural, traditional and creative leisure activities, environmentally conscious and attitude-forming activities through the participation of entrepreneurial, state and non-profit networks related to its goals. Its aim is to implement projects related to cycling, to encourage and organize recreational sports, education, entertainment, and tourist community-forming programs. We have set as a separate goal, among others:

  • raising the standard of cycling tourism services, thereby raising the number of domestic and foreign cyclists;
  • the development of cycling-friendly tourism services in Hungary and the professional support of service providers performing the developments;
  • organizing trainings for cyclists;
  • professional support and cooperation in the development of cycling tourism infrastructure and service systems in Hungary.

The knowledge, experience and commitment of the 25 founders and other applicants ensure that the goals above are achieved.

For the mission of the association it undertakes a number of tasks:

  • As part of its lobby-activities it seeks to define and influence the professional content of cycling tourism developments.
  • Generates projects, submits applications, implements applications.
  • Organizes, supports, implements events and programs.
  • Contributes to the preparation and implementation of professional, national, regional cycling support strategies and development plans related to its goals.
  • Develops international relations, in particular with regard to joint cross-border developments and the EuroVelo network. He participates in the preparation and implementation of European development plans that also affect Hungary.

We consider the national area of operation important.

Also in the case of cycling tourism, there are many developments that are island-like. The improvements created by the resources would also be much more effective if they were implemented in a collaborative, more uniform way. The success of spine routes across the country (eg EuroVelo) also depends on the actors in each region - the association wants to bring them together. The long-term goal is to create a national cycling network that will include all suitable areas for cycling tourism.