Gerecse-Vértes-Velencei-hegység Pusztazámor circle

length 20 km
202 m
202 m


The circle of Pusztazámor is almost entirely composed of dirt roads, so it is recommended to start exploring the area between Etyek and Pusztazámor by bicycle with a thicker wheel.


From the Hungarian fountain in the center of the village, we start in the direction of the Alcsútdoboz, then turn left onto the Etyeki Borút. After a short grip, the Old Mountain Presses appear. We will soon reach the stone-carved statue of St. Orbán by walking through the magnificent small buildings, then turn left after a short section.

In the next long dirt road section, the Zámor stream indicates that we will soon arrive at Pusztazámor, and after a larger right turn we will reach Petőfi Sándor street, which leads directly from Felsőrét street to the center of the village. Turning to the right from the center, the sign indicating the Gymnastics Airport and the Hermitage shows the direction. Continuing along Hunyadi Street – after a small uphill slope and a left turn – we reach the hermitage of Zámorhegy and the cemetery of the village, from where you can see Biatorbágy and its surroundings. We will continue our journey back to Hunyadi Street, and when we get out of the village, we will head to the next terrain. Leaving the airport in Gymnasium, after about two miles, we reach a four-way intersection. Turning sharply to the right here, we continue on the Etyek-Ercsi bicycle path. After that, a milder slope and then a stronger climb awaits us. Leaving the Szentgyörgy vineyards, we continue our journey to the left at the stone cross. From the Gheorgheni border vineyard, we can cycle on asphalted roads surrounded by vines and almond trees again, and soon we will see the gigantic buildings of the Korda Filmpark. If we drift down to the main road 8106, we turn right and head towards Etyek. Leaving the entrance to the Filmpark, we will soon arrive at the center of the village.

Embarkation point: Budapest-Balaton bicycle path, Etyek, Hungarian fountain

To whom do we recommend: Off-road cyclist

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