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Castle tour to Regéc

Monday, October 18, 2021

Region: Zemplén region

Distance: 65 km

Duration: 1 day

Difficulty: difficult

Bicycle type: e-bike

Accommodation: -

Options: bicycle rental, tour guide

Route: Sárospatak (Kossuth u. 50)-Bodrogolaszi-Vámosújfalu-Tolcsva-Erdőhorváti-Háromhuta-Regéc (back on the same route)

The tour, starting from Sárospatak, connects the ancient towns, charming villages and one of its jewels, the Regéc Castle, near Bodrog and Déli-Zemplén. Sárospatak - Athens on the Bodrog - is a small town rich in monuments, cultural heritage, historical values and collections. The most important attraction of the town and the region is Sárospatak Castle. We head south on the main street of Sárospatak, then leaving the city, admiring the southern hills of Zemplén, we drive on the "lower road" through Bodrogolaszi and to Vámosújfalu, then we turn north and We are heading towards Tolcsva. From Tolcsva, you continue along another low-traffic road to the charming Óhuta, then along a road shaded by dense forest, but with a steep climb, to the Regéc Castle. The castle can be approached from the road via a gravel access road, then towards the end you have to get off your bike and continue on foot to the castle. From the castle you have a wonderful panorama in all directions. After a long roll back, it is obligatory to stop in Tolcsva for a cellar visit, wine tasting, then we return to Sárospatak on the already known Eurovelo 11 road along the Bodrog river.


Price: from 12.000,- Ft

Contact: Zöldút Turisztikai Központ

Sárospatak, Kossuth u. 50


[email protected]


  • Tour guide and bicycle service (optional for groups of at least 5 people)
  • e-Bike and helmet (optional)