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Friday, October 1, 2021

The Archives hold some 460 linear metres of documents and records, which from 1294 onwards are an indispensable source for the ecclesiastical, social and cultural history of Northern Hungary. Since its organisation in 1735, it has also been the archives of the Cis-Tisza Reformed Church District. The family archives are rich, as well as the collection related to the economic history of Sárospatak. The repository collection contains valuable documents for researchers dealing with local history, church history, spiritual ethnography and the life of Hungarians. Initially, it collected material on the villages of the Bodrogköz, the Hegyköz and the Hegyalja, but now it contains documents on the Hungarian population of the entire Carpathian Basin. In addition, visitors can also learn about the waves of emigration, the fate of people living in emigration, and the life and work of Reformed congregations.