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Megyer Hill Mountain Lake

Friday, October 1, 2021

Accessible from Sárospatak, it was a working millstone mine from the 1400s. In the past, the millstones of the grain mills and ore crushers were mined here. The former mining yard has been filled in by rainwater, creating a picturesque lake with permanent water, with a maximum depth of about 6 m and rock walls rising up to 70 metres above the water table in some places. A varied path through the vineyards of the Hegyalja, with its charming press houses and orchards, leads to the “mountain lake”, which has developed in the place of the former millstone mine.

The signs on the Malomkő (Millstone) Educational Trail provide detailed information about the formation of the natural phenomenon, the history of the millstone mine, mining and the wildlife of the area.