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Heritage-tour in Szatmár

Friday, October 8, 2021

Region: Upper Tisza region

Distance: 165 km

Duration: 2 Days

Difficulty: easy

Bicycle type: touring bike

Accommodation: Penyige Fishingfarm

Options: bicycle rental, tour guide, professional guide, lunch package


1 day: Heritage-Tour along the Szamos

Penyige – Fehérgyarmat – Cégénydányád-Gyügye-Szamosújlak-Csenger-Komlódtótfalu-Szamosbecs-Szamostatárfalva – Csegöld – Csengersima (opcionális) – Csegöld – Jánkmajtis – Zsarolyán – Fehérgyarmat - Penyige

Accomodation: Penyige Fischereifarm

Daily distance by bike: 88 km


2. day: Haritage-Tour in Szatmár


Daily distance by bike: 77 km

This cultural heritage tour is a two-day bicycle rally for an in-depth study of one of the most exciting and largest landscapes of the Upper Tisza region, Szatmár. The first day you can start exploring Szamoshát, the next day you can explore Tiszahát and Erdőhát. The tour starts both days from one of the most charming village Penyige from a the cycling-friendly accommodation.

During the tour, you will mostly cycle on high-quality asphalt embankments, which are closed to traffic, as well as on cycle paths and light traffic roads. Most of the tour follows the marked Cycling Trail No. 32 in the Upper Tisza Region and Nyírség on the 2nd day on the marked Cycling Trail No. 33 in Szatmár.

On the first day of the tour - among other things - you will visit several Árpádian and early Gothic, Europa Nostra award-winning Reformed churches, e.g. in Gyügye, Szamosújlak, Szamostatárfalva - and if you still feel like it in Csengersima - and you can see the Becsky-Kossuth mansion in Komlódtótfalva.

On the second day of the tour, you can discover the Luby mansion in Nagyar, the watermill in Túristvándi, the World Heritage nominated Reformed church in Kölcse, and you can discover the Reformed churches in Sonkád and Nagyszekeres, which received the Europa Nostra award



  • 2 nights accommodation, with dinner, breakfast in bicycle-friendly accommodation
  • 3rd night accommodation with dinner and breakfast in a bicycle-friendly accommodation (optional)
  • First day lunch in Csenger (optional) or a lunch package
  • Second day lunch package
  • Tour guide and bicycle service (optional for groups of at least 8 people)
  • Bicycle and helmet for 2 days (optional)
  • Entrance fees to the following locations:
  • Kölcsey-Kende mansion in Cégénydányád
  • Reformed churches in Gyügye, Szamosújlak, Szamostatárfalva
  • Reformed Church in Csenger
  • Becsky-Kossuth mansion
  • Reformed Church in Csengersima (optional)
  • Luby mansion and Reformed church in Nagyar
  • Watermill in Túristvándi
  • Kayaking, canoeing at the Papp Túr Tour Center (optional) and Reformed Church in Kölcse
  • Reformed Church in Sonkád
  • Reformed Church in Vámosoroszi (optional)
  • Reformed Church in Kisszekeres (optional)
  • Reformed Church in Nagyszekeres