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22 m
23 m


This short detour leads us to the Peca-tó resort area, to the shore of Peca-tó, which belongs to Biatorbágy. The popular fishing pond, wedged between the hills of the area, is a pleasant sight for those looking for tranquility and natural places. The nearly 1 km long coastline is covered with reed and sedge, with many fishing pears along it. Perfect for a short walk to stretch your legs tired from cycling.

The route passes the nature reserve on Bolha-hegy (Flea Hill), where it is worth taking a short walk to the rift cave near the road, leaving the bicycles behind.


Taking the Budapest - Balaton bicycle route, shortly after leaving Biatorbágy, we cross the busy highway towards Etyek. From here to the lake, we follow a well-maintained gravel road. Our route is bordered by meadows and horse farms. when looking to the right, you can get a beautiful view of the rocks of Nyakas-kő (Nyakas Stone) in the southernmost part of Budai-hegység (Buda Mountains).

Approaching the resort area, we climb up a small slope, then roll in between the houses, where the road is now paved. We soon reach the beautifully built, well-kept lake shore, on the right side of which, on Tó sétány (Lake Promenade), it is worth continuing to admire the lake and the surrounding forests and hills from different angles. The downloadable route (GPX) is a one-way tour, it is recommended to return to the Budapest-Balaton bicycle route on the same route.

Embarkation point: Budapest – Balaton bicycle route, in the southern part of Biatorbágy at the corner of Nagy and Rákóczi streets

To whom do we recommend: Mountain bikers

How to get out: the Biatorbágy railway station is not far from the starting point of the tour

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