Sopron - Fertő cycling region Small Fertő tour - SF10

length 62.5 km
425 m
425 m

Duration: 7,5 hours

The tour starts from Fertőd. Three kilometers south of the city, main road 85 connects Győr to Sopron and it is the easiest route to reach the city by. Railway line Győr-Sopron follows the southern border, but its stopping point is not in the city; the nearest railway connection possibilities on this line are offered by Fertőszentmiklós or Petőháza railway station.

Tour description:

The intermediate tour of the Hungarian shore of Lake Fertő touches all the local lake municipalities. Part of the circuit is in Austria, where we can sail from Mörbisch (Fertőmeggyes), a famous vine settlement to Illmitz (Illmic). Its difficulty level is medium. There are several unpleasant elevations toward the end, on relatively good quality, mostly separate cycle paths or on low-traffic paved roads. There are several interesting tourist attractions (Mithras Shrine, Crystal Museum, Fertőrákos Quarry, Fertőd Castle) to take a rest at.

Our spectacular Lake Fertő cycling tour starts from Fertőd, and after passing by beautiful landscapes, the route completes the lake trip via ferry. This is the so-called ‘small tour’. We leave the town in a western direction and pass through Fertőszéplak to Hegykő, famous for its thermal bath. From here we are heading to Fertőrákos through Fertőhomok and Hidegség. In addition to the medieval pillory, we can visit the quarry that is of a spectacular geological value. Afterwards, we will head to the local border, but first check out the temple to the Roman god Mithras at Fertőrákos. Upon crossing the border, we will reach Fertőmeggyes. After having taken a passage through the wonderful little town, we cycle to the to the ferry on the pier, cross Fertő Lake and dock at Illmizt from where we reach the Hungarian border southwards at Pomogy. We can ride to Fertőd, our starting point on a new cycle road just inaugurated, and if the group wishes to, take a walk in the castle garden.


Fertőd Castle:

Fertőd came into the possession of the Esterházy family in the second half of the 17th century. They are also responsible for the impressive Esterházy castle, the most famous sight of the city. As leader of the family’s orchestra, Joseph Haydn Austrian composer lived here for two decades. The Quarry of Fertőrákos The mine, which draws nearly two hundred thousand people each year, is located in the north of the municipality. According to geologists, Leitha limestone formed in the Miocene epoch, about 12 million years ago, and was already mined by the Romans, even for the construction of Scarbantia’s walls, the antecedent of Sopron.

Mithras Shrine:

It is a former place of worship of the mystery religion linked to the cult of Mithras. It is located in Fertő-Hanság National Park and the cultural landscape on the list of UNESCO’s world heritage site. The sacred edifice covered by a protecting layer is a unique treasure as there are only four such places in Hungary. On the eastern and southern side, the north and south facing building has naturally formed rock walls, while the rest are of stone. "

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