Zemplén - Felső-Tisza cycling area Cycling along the former inter-mountain narrow-gauge railway line - ZE7

length 30.2 km
407 m
141 m

The hike from Sátoraljaújhely to Füzér is a real family treat. The scenery is beautiful, with low-traffic roads and wide, good-quality cycle paths. With the exception of one or two short sections, it hardly rises at all: a pleasant relaxation and a lot of fun for the cyclist. A significant part of the route is at the same time the EuroVelo 11 cycling route.

The tour starts from the railway station in Sátoraljaújhely. You pass through the pedestrian street of the historic town centre, then just before the city border you will find the famous Zemplén Adventure Park - a small detour from the hiking trail, but worth a while. Leaving the city, your first stop is Széphalom. Ferenc Kazinczy, our famous language innovator, lived here until his death. Continuing along the cycle path you arrive in Pálháza, the smallest town in the country with a thousand inhabitants. From Pálháza you head towards Bózsva and after a short but beautiful cycle path of less than a kilometre through the forest, you cycle through Kisbózsva towards Nyíri, with beautiful scenery along the way. The white building of the Füzér Castle, renovated a few years ago, stands out against the backdrop of the Milic Hills.

After a pleasant descent from the Nyíri, you arrive at the quiet main street of Füzérkomlós. Rolling along the cycle path you pass the Zemplén White Rock Tourist Centre and Hunting Lodge. The buffalo herd in this isolated area of mine is unique, grazing among the hills of Zemplén.

You continue to the castle in Füzér, which is one of the most famous sights of Zemplén. Towards Füzér, you will first enjoy a beautiful panoramic and then a good-quality forest cycle path, and you will see the white walls of Füzér Castle, which stands on an andesitic hilltop and looks very impressive from below. The castle, built before the Mongol invasion, can be explored on a short hike.

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