Zemplén - Felső-Tisza cycling area Castles of West Zemplén - ZE6

length 113 km
1,402 m
1,402 m

Starting from the gateway to Zemplén, Tokaj, the tour connects the castles, ancient towns, charming villages of the Bodrog Valley and the south-western landscapes of Zemplén, the World Heritage Sites and historical monuments of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Cultural Landscape, and makes it one of the most difficult but unforgettable routes in the cycling region.

Starting from the Tokaj railway station, the tour passes through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tokaj, then continues along the Bodrog River to Szegilong. From there you continue towards Erdőbénye, and after leaving the village you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of South Zemplén until Tolcsva. From Tolcsva, you continue along another low-traffic road to the charming Óhuta, then along a road shaded by dense forest, but with a steep climb, to the Regéc Castle. The castle can be approached from the road via a gravel access road, then towards the end you have to get off your bike and continue on foot to the castle.

From the castle you have a wonderful panorama in all directions. But after the tiring climb, you are compensated by the fact that you we can enjoy the scenery of West Zemplén rolling for 14 km all the way to Korlát. After a short stretch of rolling hills, you arrive at another exciting point of the tour, the Boldogkő Castle. At the northern border of the settlement, the horizon is dominated by a castle on top of a 268-metre-high ridge: the mountain is named Boldogkő, from which the castle takes its name. You continue towards Abaújalpár, then leave it and continue along one of the most beautiful stretches of the Zemplén through the protected Aranyos Valley, which is a 15 km long deep valley basin. After reaching Erdőbénye, you roll down to the Bodrog and then return to your destination, Tokaj, on the EuroVelo route.

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