Zemplén - Felső-Tisza cycling area Zemplén heritage tour - ZE8

length 248 km
3,037 m
3,037 m

The route leads through wild landscapes, charming villages, monumental castles and jewel-box churches, through the most beautiful valleys of Zemplén, through the World Heritage wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja. The three-day tour starts from Tokaj, the gateway to Zemplén, and end in Tokaj. Zemplén, with its beautiful landscapes, ancient towns, charming villages, the Tokaj-Hegyalja Cultural Landscape World Heritage Sites, historical monuments and of course the wine region that permeates it all, is one of the most beautiful cycling regions in Hungary. During the tour you will be accompanied by the mountain panorama of volcanic Zemplén, its foothills, valleys, the Bodrog and Hernád river, lined by castles, Romanesque and Gothic churches, Jewish monuments, Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic castles, centuries-old wine cellars and museums.

The heritage tour includes Boldogkő Castle, and the Castles of Regéc and Füzér, which can be accessed via the hiking trails. During the tour, which includes many climbs and long rolls, you visit Tolcsva, the Castle in Sárospatak, Sátoraljaújhely, the Abaújvár Castle built by the once most powerful Aba family, the Károlyi Castle in Füzérradvány, and the Kassa-Sárospatak cycle path with its majestic panorama. Finally, back in Tokaj, you visit small jewel box villages along the Bodrog.

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