Zemplén - Felső-Tisza cycling area Szatmár-Bereg Heritage Tour - FT2

length 228 km
730 m
738 m

The route takes in iconic monuments such as the cemetery with cemetery with boat-shaped headstones in Szatmárcseke or the water mill in Túristvándi.

The Szatmár-Bereg Heritage Tour connects the most beautiful and authentic landscapes of the Upper Tisza Region, the Tiszahát in Bereg, the Szatmár and Szamoshát regions. We have condensed into a 230 kilometers long, three-day line tour everything you need to see from the epicentre of the Upper Tisza Region, the Szatmár-Bereg region. In this area, you don’t have to worry about tiring climbs or steep slopes.

The tour starts from Záhony, the largest railway junction in Eastern Hungary, and follows a signposted route along the asphalted dams of the Tisza and Szamos rivers to Csenger, the southernmost settlement in the Upper Tisza region, and then turns back to Fehérgyarmat, where you can take the train again. The route crosses the marked hiking trails 32 and 33, passing through Záhony-Tiszaszentmárton-Lónya-Vásárosnamény-Tákos-Csaroda-Tarpa-Tivadar-Nagyar-Szatmárcseke–Túristvándi-Kölcse-Sonkád-Csaholc-Vámosoroszi-Nagyszekeres-Jánkmajtis-Csegöld-Szamosbecs-Csenger-Szamostatárfalva-Szamosújlak-Cégénydányád-Fehérgyarmat. You’ll have no problems navigating, as there will be signs to help you find your way. You should look for accommodation in the area between Vásárosnamény-Tákos-Csaroda-Beregdaróc in the Bereg on the first day, and in the triangle between Fehérgyarmat-Jánkmajtis-Cégénydányád in the gateway to the Szamos area on the second day. Along the way, you’ll see an astonishing array of frescoes, coffered ceilings, decorated medieval churches, folk architecture, literary historical monuments, charming country houses, volcanoes, marshes and nature reserves of breathtaking beauty.

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