Zemplén - Felső-Tisza cycling area Zemplén hills by e-bike - ZE5

length 78.2 km
1,347 m
1,003 m

The cycling tour from Tokaj to Füzér takes you along one of the most beautiful routes in the Tokaj wine region and the Zemplén Mountains, covering the historical and natural attractions of the region.

During the tour you will be accompanied by the mountain panorama of volcanic Zemplén, its foothills, valleys, the Bodrog river, castles, Romanesque and Gothic churches, Jewish monuments, Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic castles, centuries-old wine cellars and museums. Some parts of the region are enshrouded in obscurity, while others are well-trodden hiking trails. The tour is difficult both in length and elevation, and is therefore particularly recommended for e-bike riders. The monuments, the magnificent views of the hilly landscape and the natural environment are a lasting memory for those who cover the route.

Starting from the Tokaj railway station at the confluence of the Tisza and Bodrog rivers, the tour passes through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town centre of Tokaj, then along the Bodrog to Szegilong. From there you continue towards Erdőbénye, and after leaving the village you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of South Zemplén until Tolcsva. From Tolcsva you continue on a low-traffic road through the charming Óhuta to Újhuta, and from here on a forest road towards the Zemplén wilderness. There are constant climbs to overcome, but it's worth it, because the long roll from Gerendás Meadow is the reward for the climb. It is worth taking a detour to Kőkapu and taking a short rest in the majestic surroundings.

Continuing along the cycle path in the valley of the Bózsa Creek before Pálháza, you start towards Füzér, then leaving Füzérkomlós and admiring the beautifully renovated, snow-white Füzér Castle, reach your final destination, the parking lot of Füzér Castle.

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