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A one-day tour to discover the heritages of Szatmár.

The Upper Tisza Region’s water hiking trails and free beaches are very popular, but few people know that this region boasts one of Hungary’s longest cycle path networks, which, although built for flood protection purposes, is a great experience for cyclists. Along the rivers, hundreds of kilometers of asphalt embankment crowns wind along embankments, which are excellent for safe cycling away from motor traffic. In this area, you don’t have to worry about tiring climbs or steep slopes. The highest point of the Upper Tisza region is Tarpa-Nagyhegy, which is only 150 meters high, but offers a beautiful panorama towards the Carpathians. Between charming, quiet little villages within easy reach of each other, through the fragrant apple and plum orchards of Szatmár-Bereg, in a beautiful natural setting, you will find yourself in the land of medieval churches, where you can visit the Church of the Smiling Saints in Csaroda and the Barefoot Notre Dame in Tákos. One of the country’s last working water mills stands on the banks of the Old-Túr, while in Tarpa, one of the most famous industrial monuments in the Trans-Tisza region is the Tarpa dry mill, known as the “horse-grinding mill”.

The one-day tour to discover the heritages of Szatmár starts from Vásárosnamény and covers Tákos, Csaroda, Márokpapi, Tarpa and Tivadar. We then return to Vásárosnamény, in the heart of the Bereg, where you’ll find the most famous free beach in the Upper Tisza region, with a sandy beach that feels like you’re on the seaside. The waters of the Tisza are cleaner in the Upper Tisza region, and the sandy shores of the free beaches are comparable to those of the seaside.

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