Zemplén - Felső-Tisza cycling area Zemplén circle - ZE9

length 130 km
1,260 m
1,260 m

Everything that can be seen from the outside of the Zemplén can be seen on this tour. The circular route around Zemplén is not easy, but the many sights, the beautiful surroundings, the world-famous historical monuments and the wine region - believe me - will make up for it. The tour takes you through wild landscapes and charming villages to monumental castles and jewel-box churches, monuments of our cultural heritage known all over the world. The route runs through the most beautiful valleys of Zemplén, through the World Heritage wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja. The two-day tour starts from and ends in Sátoraljaújhely. Zemplén, with its beautiful landscapes, ancient towns, charming villages, the Tokaj-Hegyalja Cultural Landscape World Heritage Sites, historical monuments and of course the wine region that permeates it all, is one of the most beautiful cycling regions in Hungary. During the tour you will be accompanied by the mountain panorama of volcanic Zemplén, its foothills, valleys, the Bodrog and Hernád river, lined by castles, Romanesque and Gothic churches, Jewish monuments, Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic castles, centuries-old wine cellars and museums.

You cycle on the panoramic Kassa-Sáropatak cycle path to Pálháza in a beautiful natural setting and visit the white walls of Füzér Castle on the andesitic hilltop, which offers a very impressive view from below. However, the castle, built before the Mongol invasion, is not conquered on this tour. In Abaújvár, you can visit two of the most exciting monuments in Zemplén, the Abaújvár earth fort and the Gothic Reformed church, which has a huge surface area of medieval frescoes. The settlement was the ancestral seat of the Aba clan, the eponym settlement and centre of Abaúj County in the Middle Ages.

You will also visit one of the most exciting points of the tour, the Boldogkő Castle and “Athens on the Bodrog bank”, Sárospatak.

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